Talent Solutions

Talent Solutions


ELYSIUM ROAD prides itself on its ability to identify, source, place and translate performers into star performers. In this unique offer ELYSIUM ROAD will provide you premium access to advice and experience to ensure your business has the best candidates that are not only placed but continue to perform throughout their placement/ period of service. Contact us today for more information or choose from one of the services below:



Total Rate/Rem per role

Identify, Recruit and Selection services for top talent



Fixed Fee

Identify ways to start sourcing and attracting talent anywhere to help you accelerate delivery



Fixed Fee

Identify how your talent strategy aligns with your organisational design to match capability with contemporary delivery

By selecting ELYSIUM ROAD you will instantly access class leading identification and sourcing technique which benefits and quickly establishes your business as a more contemporary employer, swift decision maker and an employer of choice.

ELYSIUM ROAD will work with you on your workforce challenges, challenge your traditional thinking, provide quality candidates, strengthen your visibility as an employer of choice, freeing you from the old slow and laborious processes which can get you focussed on your core capabilities faster and help you reach your potential.